Major Impact continue to Impact the track at the next level.  We are proud of our athletes, not only to continue to get the opportunity to build on their competition levels, but more importantly to get the opportunity to further their education. We will continue to encourage our kids to never switch the orders for us its always "STUDENT FIRST ATHLETE SECOND"   

Caden Ciul- Auburn University        

Kai William- St. Francis University

Jack McHugh-Samford University

Jordan Oballe - Samford University

Berkley Bryan - Samford University

Darius Chinoy - Ga Tech University

Dollitia Thomas - Kennesaw State University

Darielle Oliver - University of Alabama Birmingham

Carson Howe - Samford University

Brandon Thompson - University of Maryland

Zach Gunz - Ga tech University/Auburn

Jonathan Garner - Kennesaw State University

Nathan Dobbs - Troy University

William Brown - Barton Community College

Paris Smalls - University of South Carolina

Phillip Moore - Mississippi State University

Ronald -  Kennessaw

Sara Hayes - Wofford University

Sydney Weisman - University of Florida

Andre Cheek -
Ama Larbi - Ga Tech University